Enhancing with Technology – Wading

Using technology can often seem daunting when you first get started with Maker Education.  There are lots of simple ways to start.  Using things like Wedos or Lego Mindstorms just requires a program to be installed on your student laptops and then away you go!  Here are a few things to consider before getting started:

Using technology is considered by some to be an integral part of Maker Education.  Others believe that the principles of Maker Ed can be accessed with or without digital technologies and that technology doesn’t immediately mean you are “doing maker ed better or deeper” than someone who isn’t using technology.

Places to get started:


Lego Wedos:  These kits are a wonderful way to introduce students to coding and robotics.  Students use lego pieces as well as sensors and working motors to create their own robots that can then be programmed when connected to the Lego Wedo program on their computers.  Check it out here:




Makey Makey:  This tool is a way to combine materials found in class with the concepts of coding.  The Makey Makey is a set of clips that connect to devices that you can program to do any number of things.  Make a banana piano!  Make a joystick!  The possibilities are endless.



Bristle Bots:  These fund little gadgets can get students learning about circuits and have a hands on experience with the design process.  They are micro robots that you attach to the heads of tooth brushes which make robotics accessible to young students.  Check them out here: