Itoya Art Profolio Marker — Picture Safe Archival Pen Review

Itoya Art Profolio Marker — Picture Safe Archival Pen Review

I am a grownup now. We currently had my reasonable share of NFL pencil sets within the 1980’s. Personally I think like We have relocated pencils that are past my life.

Why a particular Pen?

I am aware it may appear ridiculous for some of you to definitely walk out the right path to locate a fancy pen simply to create filename figures and captions in your pictures with.

I am no Walter White, but if he knew just as much about picture processing chemicals while he does crystal meth, he could inform us in great scientific information why it is critical to select an image safe pen.

I know adequate to understand i needed to get a “non-toxic” pen. You will never know just just how these photo chemical compounds which were utilized to make your paper images, slides and negatives are likely to last when you compose to them aided by the incorrect variety of ink and then shut them up once more in (close) airtight storage space containers (picture pages, envelopes, ziplock bags etc.)

I am talking about, our pictures happen to be wearing down fast enough by themselves!

Furthermore, you could find the type that is wrong of may appear to own written simply fine on the photos in the beginning. But, just just just what in the event that you examined them months later on and also you understand the ink proceeded to leach to the porous paper stock as well as its bled until the front side of the photo! (Yeah that’s the side that is really important

Personally I think it’s worth a bucks that are few not need to concern yourself with all this.

Archival Pen Scarcity

I happened to be amazed to locate here really are extremely photo that is few pencils on the market. It appeared like each time We thought I had discovered one We liked from a retailer that is online i ran across these people were no further making them.

I really finished up finding the thing I was pleased with at a nearby located area of the major photography business Samy’s digital digital Camera.

It really is named a creative Art Profolio Picture Marker by Itoya. With no, that is not a typo — this really is Profolio perhaps not Portfolio like we instantly assumed.

The way the Art Profolio Appearance & Feels

For a cheap disposable design pen, I happened to be happily surprised the almost “pearlesque” shiny off-white lightweight synthetic had a truly good dense and smooth feel to it. Focusing on how much we would definitely be keeping this thing throughout the the following year, this just might be a pleasing inessential.

Nearby the tip where in actuality the recommendations of one’s hands will sleep there is also a actually good rubbery horizontally grooved grip. It makes it truly an easy task to store.

A marvelous touch.

Art Profolio compared to your Sharpie Fine Point (top) and Ultra Fine Point (middle) Permanent Markers.

Due to poisoning problems together with probability of bleeding in several of the models, personally would not suggest using most if you don’t all Sharpies to write in your photographs. But, simply for contrast sake, here is an attempt that presents the way they compare in proportions.

Its diameter is not as much as the Sharpie’s Fine point model, and simply a tad smaller compared to the Ultra Fine aim — but probably very close.

My pen was included with a barcoded sales sticker that effortlessly came quickly once I took these pictures (if perhaps you were wondering).

Art Profolio’s tip (base) after 2 months of good use in comparison to those regarding the Sharpie Fine Point (top) and Ultra Fine Point (middle) everlasting Markers (also quite utilized).

After Actual Use

I have actually enjoyed making use of this pen. It writes very well and also.

But, needless to say at a price that is modest $2.99 an item, you could not compare the heft and prestige with this small scriber to at least one through the Montblanc stable of water water fountain pencils. But, it seems a great deal much better than an inexpensive commercially-printed ballpoint we might grab from a resort nightstand.

You pocket those too — right?

When it comes to previous six months, I have tried personally it solely to create 5-digit figures on the backs of my paper images and slides before we scanned them.

If my math is proper, I have tried personally this pen that is single create over 23,130 figures!

right Here I happened to be writing an ID number with this picture utilizing my numbering that is 5-digit system filenames. This footage had been about a couple of months once I started utilising the creative Art Profolio therefore the tip had been nevertheless fairly sharp.

If this numbering system intrigues you, you need to always check away my post called: “If You Don’t include This towards the Filename of one’s Scanned Photos, You’ll Probably Hate Yourself Later.” Particularly if you are going to begin scanning your picture collection. This can actually help you save large amount of frustration later on.

I have experienced really occasions that are few the ink has not dried out fast sufficient and it’s really smeared. With this specific marker, i’ve really just noticed it once I ended up being writing in actually slick and smooth photo paper stock as well as on actually smooth and shiny synthetic slide mounts. In a choice of event, i recently have always been careful to allow it stay for some more moments than usual to allow it atmosphere dry.

Under normal circumstances, I happened to be extremely pleased with all the fast drying times. And I also have yet to see any bleed through.

Any Negatives?

For the cost, it really is pretty difficult to whine a lot of about it pen. But, they are if I had to come up with a few negatives, even if a couple are small and almost insignificant, here.

Onetime, soon when I began utilizing it, we accidentally left the limit down for a brief period of the time — maybe ten minutes.

Well, i consequently found out if you leave the cap off long sufficient, the end generally seems to run dry. I was thinking possibly I’d ruined it. But, thankfully, when we began composing along with it once again for a scratch sheet of paper for around 15 seconds, the ink started initially to move once again. It absolutely was as good as brand brand new.

Lesson however, that it wouldn’t completely dry out if you left the cap off overnight, I’m not sure.

Anybody would you like to try down this out for us?

Perhaps the Mightiest Wear Out

On the amount of half a year it, my Profolio Photo Marker’s pointed tip has worn down to a semi-rounded little nub since I started using.

Yeah it does not forever stay needle sharp.

After a few months of good use, my initial markers’ tip (top) now appears a lot more like the pinnacle of a match as compared to point that is sharp of brand brand new one (base).

I mightn’t think about this uncommon after all though. My Sharpie Fine Points perform some exact same. It is simply is apparently area of the lifespan for just about any pen such as this.

To offer a concept how this may impact your writing, here is some handwriting examples from the four split pencils. You should use this to have a basic concept exactly how fine you can easily nevertheless compose with your even with months of good use.

You, I would suggest you pick up a few of these pens and save a sharp one or 2 for the times when you need to write very small and neat if you plan on doing a lot of writing and the lack of the sharpest tip over time worries.

Ink Consistency

Last but not least, i have pointed out that recently, and just periodically, the ink does not move out evenly on some “areas” of the marker tip. You realize, like what goes on with any felt marker that is old.

When this occurs, and my writing is a little faint, i have learned if we somewhat turn the pen very somewhat to another “portion” associated with the tip, then your ink is released dark and also once again.

The fall in the left had been created using my 6-month old utilized marker. Notice the way the ink arrived on the scene a little faint and uneven. The fall in the right is created with a brandname “spankin” brand new Itoya Portfolio marker.

And once more, I do not think that is always the hallmark of a marker that is bad. I have used this plain thing pretty difficult for 6 months now and it is totally possible the ink well is most likely needs to be just a little dry and empty.

Heck, a lot of us probably lose pencils before they hit their 6 anniversary or 23,000+ characters of use month! Therefore we ought to most likely keep this at heart.

Where you are able to Purchase The Art Profolio Marker

Even with considering these small criticisms — that, I would still highly recommend this photo safe pen if you want to call them.

It is rather feasible the local photography or scrapbooking store might carry them if you should be therefore fortunate as to own one nearby. Offline “hobby” stores appear to nearly be considered a thing of history.