What is Maker Ed?

“a maker is not a special title one achieves after gaining entry into an esoteric social club but rather is someone—anyone—who makes things.” – Clapp, Ross, Ryan, and Tishman (2016)

“A makerspace is a center or workspace where like-minded people get together to make things.”- Hatch (2013)

Makers are “people who are interested in culture of creating.” – Dougherty (2012)

“Makerspaces are the communities of practice constructed in a physical place set aside for a group of people to use as a core part of their practice” – Halverson and Sheridan (2014)

We believe MakerEd should be research informed, connecting theory to pedagogy.  MakerEd should be accessible to everyone (students and teachers as makers) as a way to co-construct knowledge and deep understanding in authentic applications.  MakerEd is above all a creative process, and can be personalized or adapted to any given scenario.  It is intended to allow the “maker” to solve problems, engage in design challenges and collaborate with peers to meet curricular objectives from a variety of disciplines.  MakerEd takes the Maker Space and puts in an educational context.